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About FFC (Only 15000000 Coins)

FFC is basically a cryptocurrency which uses poS+poW Technology . It has developed by CMC Exchange through his own technology.. FFC is pre-mind cryptocurrency meaning that FFC miners create the market. By mining the coin, transaction are added and recorded to FFC ledger, comprised of all past transactions. The ledger resembles a chain of blocks, which confirm that a certain number of transactions have been made. You can send/receive FFC globally within few second.

The future is digital so FFC is the best way to access the global financial markets of the future. The FFC use power full blockchain of CMC Exchange where every transactions hash id creates for transparency.

FFC fast & secure digital currency we offer you opportunity to go digital in your life. We are open and honest in our dealings. We set a new crypto industry standard. The CMC blockchain runs every minutes and designed to accommodate merchant need.

OUR VISION Our vision is very clear that by using this blockchain technology is changing the fundamental structure of not only economy and banking but also the way we connect and engage as a human being. Our target is to become number one token in terms of market capitalization usability and number of uses. All user of CMC Exchange already our member so that FFC is best for all users for investing their money to right platform.. we are creating new opportunities to be sustainable independent communities emerge.

HOW TRADING WORKS Price of FFC will totally depends on Buyer and seller . We don’t have any Control on price of FFC Trading. The FFC trading will be done via CMC only. If anyone sells FFC then he will get CMC and if anyone Buys FFC then he should have CMC to Buy FFC.

Send / Receive FFC Sending and receiving FFC is very simple through CMC app . User have to enter Enter FFC wallet address where he is sending / receiving FFC Work Plan of FFC (TOCKEN) FFC is basically a Crypto currency which uses Pos+Pow technology.

Most Secure CryptoCoin CMcoin seeks to be the most secure CryptoCoin at the lowest cost, by rewarding all users for strengthening the network. Use CMcoin to create your own Assets which can be distributed in any way you like. You will be able to safely, easily and quickly learn how to store, acquire, sell, spend, speculate and invest FFC.

Centralized or De-Centralized CMcoin is De-Centralized Cryptocurrency and you Can Get All API's of CMcoin from CMC API Section.